I think stars are different from what we're told.I personally filmed them myself with a Nikon P1000 camera.And I dare you to take a good look at the stars because you can see certain stars blink / twinkle with the naked eye .and the big question is: why let they never show stars on TV that twinkle while they have all those good telescopes and cameras. or do they want to show us something else . What the evolution theory or the aliens promotes .(i think aliens are or demons/evil spirits or fallen angels. ) You can also jokingly look up how far they say the distance is from Earth to the nearest stars. And then think how big they can be zoomed in with these cameras (could these cameras really zoom in that far or would the stars be much closer than they tell us?)Some people say that the floundering/moving of the stars is due to the atmosphere. But a question :why do the stars floundering /move in their own way and others completely different in their way or not at all and some change colors? And the next day the same stars flounder/move in their own way.

I think stars are different from what we're told.


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